Episode 21: Five THINGS that ALL Entrepreneurs do to LAUNCH their Success!

by Doug & Andrea Van Soest | Spouses Flipping Houses

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Episode 21: Show Notes

Men & Women that chase their dreams, that lead and innovate with purpose, seem to exhibit very similar characteristics, that all contribute to their overall success. These characteristics can all be developed and learned through simple actions that you can start taking NOW.

In today’s episode, we’ll be taking a look at 5 simple actions you can start applying to your life TODAY, to accelerate your success & growth in your entrepreneurial ventures.

Here’s a Few takeaways from today’s episode:

  • One essential trait you MUST learn to develop by NOT being a leader
  • The most important person(s) to have in your corner to achieve success
  • One Common Beginner Mistake you MUST Avoid at ALL COSTS
  • The TRUTH About Success & What You Should ALWAYS keep in mind about your own
  • One thing you may be doing that will ALWAYS prevent you from success


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