Episode 41: The Secret to Finding Deals

In today’s episode we’re talking about the BIG secret to finding deals. You may be a little surprised to hear what it is…but when you think about it — this is the key ingredient to finding deals & being successful.

Episode 40: “Whole-Tailing” the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of this Flipping Strategy

Today, we’re talking about the good the bad and the ugly of “Whole-Tailing”. This is basically a blend between ‘Wholesaling’ & ‘Retailing’ – with some subtle differences. In this episode, we’ll be featuring two deals of ours that we’re currently whole-tailing and explain our thought process behind why we decide to whole-tail instead of another investing strategy.

Episode 38: Creative Ways to Add Value

We recently had a wholesale deal several investors passed by when we presented it to them. After finding an investor who wanted it after a quick inspection, we realized he was able to see how to add value to the property that no one else could. Today, we’re going to talk with you about 6 creative ways to add value to a property, that others may not be able to see.

Episode 37: 5 Reasons Why Every House Flipper should have Rental Properties!

Today we’re talking about RENTALS & the 5 Main reasons we believe EVERY house flipper should have rental properties in their portfolio. Tune in to episode 37 to learn why we feel this is such an IMPORTANT & vital investment strategy, to utilize in your own Business! This episode may just change your mind AND your business, if you haven’t been using Rentals as one of your investment strategies.