Episode 35: Andy McFarland Interview – Part 2

Tune in today for the second half of Doug’s interview with Andy McFarland. If you missed part one of this awesome interview with one of the the industries best, make sure to listen to part 1 first to get all of Andy’s great insight into Real Estate Investing.

Episode 34: Andy McFarland Interview – Part 1

Today Doug will be interviewing our friend, and highly respected Real Estate Investor, Andy McFarland. Andy has been investing in real estate for over 13 years and just last month in May alone did 33 deals! In other words, Andy is Killing it in his market! Tune in to today’s episode for an excellent interview with Andy McFarland.

Episode 30: Listener Q&A #2

Today, we’ve put together our 2nd, Q&A podcast from the questions we’ve received over the past few weeks. There are some GREAT questions covered in today’s episode and we think they’ll be helpful for everyone listening in!